Student Life

The GCU MSD experience is unique. Whether you work or study here, you can become part of an exciting and vibrant community. Our real life, all-encompassing approach sets us apart from the competition and our MBA program is just one part of the picture.GCU MSD offers an environment to its students with a small and close-knit community within one of the top institutes that have produced a rare combination of human scale and personal attention with best faculty and facilities.Among the MSD's facilities are state-of-the-art computer resources and our extensive business library.

MSD is a department located in the heart of the most vibrant city of Pakistan, Lahore. Beyond the curriculum, our highly active student organizations create great social and professional opportunities and the Department also hosts various speakers and events of special interest to the students. Beyond the MSD, the G.C. University offers one of the best campus environment in the country and provides a wonderful array of options for sports to leisure to recreational facilities.

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