Corporate Liaison Office

The Cooperate Office at Government College University (GCU) Lahore facilitates students with internships, industrial projects and job opportunities, and coaching for need based training programs to harness their interpersonal skills.

Job Portal

The need for online job search has been met by the Job portal at GCU website which will be benefiting the students and the alumni belonging to different disciplines.

Online Editor for Resume Building

With the resume building option you can select from a variety of different formats through an online editor and create/edit your resumes with convenience. It comprehensively guides you as to select the best format and add relevant information which will help best in your particular field of expertise.

Updating You with the Upcoming Events

As students you need to participate and explore employers and expand your networks of links. Therefore, notification for the important upcoming networking events and Job fairs will be updated on GCU Upcoming Events. You can register to different Job Fairs for which, the University Placement Office will handle the particulars ultimately creating convenience for you to access such events.

Job search tool

You can look for your desired jobs in the list of vacancies available at the websites; LinkedIn, Rozee, and Mustakbil. You can browse the details of the jobs and the procedure to apply. You can either apply by the click of a button or fill in some requirements, if any. This will be done by mutual discussion between the placement office and the HR of the particular company. Consultation with the replacement office can also help you find current employers profile and information so that you may be well aware of the organization you wish to proceed with.

Industrial Projects

The significant part of our MBA program is getting used to the practical work. In last semester, students are sent to the business world and are given tasks from the respective organization and against such tasks; the organization itself reviews the work of students as per their execution. As MBA program is not just about the degree, rather it is about embracing the Professional Attitude and Style, so It helps students getting some assistance with understanding the work place as well as helps them in making a state of contrast in their Curriculum Vitae to get an edge when applying for employments.

It was a colossal experience and made me comprehend the true definition of not just working hard but efficiently and effectively. Much of the knowledge that has been built over 1.5 years was applied and the issues in execution was not just highlighted, but also addressed and resolved which made me and my Curriculum Vitae extraordinary.

Thank You GCU!

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali
Session: 2013-2015


The chief hallmark of Cooperate Office is to help the unemployed students and fresh graduates to find challenging opportunities related to their interest and expertise. This also furnishes student with focused training sessions on the working and professional environment of an organization. This, consequently, helps students to get internships and avail promising job opportunities.

For undergraduate students six months internship is compulsory after 2nd semester whereas for MBA students 5-6 weeks internship is mandatory after 2nd semester. The Cooperate office helps undergraduate and postgraduate students to attain internship opportunities which interest them the most in different multinational and national organization. This office ensures that the students get paid for their work – the bare minimum twelve thousands per month.

The Office organizes different meetings between students and organizations during their course of studies on the campus. In this way, the students not only get an opportunity to complete their mandatory internship requirement but also get a platform where they can learn different skills that will potentially be helpful in their future careers.

Training Programs

Training programs are offered for professionals to enhance their professional capabilities. Such training programs are conducted by MSD experts who offer their expertise to train professionals in specific departments of their concern. Not only do we help them acquire skills but polish their already possessed talents. Such programs hold professional importance.

Past training programs

Training for FBR

Federal board of revenue created through the Central Board of Revenue Act,1924. A fully functional Revenue Division was created under the ministry of finance. This department recruits professionals with expertise in accountancy and auditing. MSD of GCU has the privilege to train their officers, by reinforcing the basics of finance and accounting principles as well as ethical dilemmas officers might encounter in their future careers. GCU has the certification of training such government departments which are of high importance.

Training for DEO

DEO is deemed as highly significant in terms of education in backward areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for Elementary and Secondary education purposes. Training programs were offered for educationists to give them a better picture of education crisis in those areas.

Future Prospects:

The purpose of this program is to educate women, to start self-sufficient businesses in order to create job opportunities for women and to become financially independent. MSD department will help women to understand mechanism of business. How businesses are conducted in common household. Either in terms of manufacturing or merchandising.