Organization Based Learning (OBL) Semester

OBL is NOT an internship but a practical 6-month work placement program.

It is a rare opportunity for organizations to take advantage of skill set of university sudents for an extended duration at a much reduced salary. The expected stipend bracket is Rs. 10,000 to 15,000 per month. These would-be managers are available for a period of six months starting July or August and are most suitable for any job or task where the organizations need these individuals.

Most organizations use this opportunity to develop management trainee program where they get to pre-test the students and determine their suitability before they offer them a job.

For organizations that are looking for the cream of the crop among university-educated, entry-level employees, our OBL is the best way to build a pipeline of talented, young professionals.

Skills and Courses taught

MSD is a dedicated, professional business school. Our Department aims to develop effective player-managers and leaders, well rounded in modern management concepts and techniques contributing to the organizations they serve, and to the societies in which they live.

BSc. (Hons.) Applied Management builds upon the old 2-yr Bachelors Degree (BA, BSc, B.Com) and enables the students to earn a four year Honours Degree after studying for another two years at the Management Studies Department. The programme is structured after reviewing undergraduate programmes at internationally renowned schools.

Our graduates are taught following courses for one year with powerful combination of highly-esteemed faculty and high-achieving students ensuring a dynamic learning environment.

“Committed to provide the best managerial talent to national organizations”

Kashif  Yaqub

He feels his OBL experience at Yasir Mahmood securities was a much needed career guidance tool, far better than any career counselling service or an internship experience. While he joined his BSc Applied Management program he felt Finance was the field of work he wanted to pursue after graduation but after OBL he decided to switch over to General Management as his study specialization as he realized that a career in finance requires extra qualifications apart from BSc and MBA degrees. This decision he took fairly early in life compared to students in other universities in Pakistan who have to wait until after their four year BSc program is over. Also, he feels that OBL through its six month paid nature allowed him to be more invested in the job, making his supervisors conscious to take him seriously and assign him more work than would have been assigned in a simple internship experience. His highly capable supervisor helped him a lot and even shared some of his expertise to make him a keen observer of high-paying company stocks.

Lalarukh Mansoor—the converted skeptical student

She feels that without the OBL experience at Nishat Mills Ltd. she could not have been able to gain an insight into the practical world of the organizations. Her doubts that the theory taught in the books was something the organizations didn’t conform to subsided as OBL allowed her to see the practical application of the knowledge gained in the university courses. She suggests that every student who wishes to become a manager must go into the OBL experience with a very positive confidence and a passion to learn.

Abdullah Khan—aspiring entrepreneur

He was given the opportunity to shape up the operations of a printing firm through the use of just it tools learned in the operations management course. The results were positive as there was a boost in the printing output. He feels that his OBL experience gave him a perspective on how businesses are run in real life, inspiring him to run his own business in the future.